Blizzard Beach is the newest Water Park in Disneyworld. It opened in 1995 and at that time they had 3 waterparks ultimately closing the oldest and going back to two waterparks. This Park has a theme of being hit by a Blizzard and with all the melting thus causing the water slides and other rides. If you love water slides then you will enjoy this Park, but to date one of my favorites at this park is Cross Country Creek. I can float on this lazy river for what seems all day, but it offers you many locations to enter exit and even some surprises along the way as well.


There are many differences and similarities at the same time between both Waterparks. Each deserves a visit of its own. As always with any Disney Waterpark I try to arrive when the gates open so I have the pick of which seat and location as a home base for the family as well as being there before the Florida heat really kicks in.


This Park is a great place for every family member to have independence to do as they like either as a family or siblings together of course age permitting.