The Disney Character Warehouse is usually one of the first places we try to visit. We try to make this our first day or any day we have a half day in a park. The reason to try to make it your first day is chances are you’re not getting to a park probably before noon. So, to save a visit to a park and waste a day considering the costs nowadays to enter. Another reason to visit this place first or at least early into to your visit is chance to get really low priced souvenirs. Items that we try to focus on are shirts which is a given, pins that is if you’re into the whole trading of pins, and of course anything Disney you’re into. If you’re into the trading pins the reason this is a must stop, they always have pins at discounted prices. What we usually do is buy the lowest priced pins no matter if we like them or not, then we trade them with any of the cast members at the parks or hotels. This saves plenty of money because most pins in the park are at least $7 or more but in the store, they are usually less than $3.