When I first heard of the upcoming opening of this restaurant we as a family we very excited to go here. So we started planning our next vacation hoping to be there soon after its opening. I can still remember calling for our reservation and asking for a window seat, and being advised that there was no guarantee of getting one but to ask when checking in. Thankfully when we did get extra early for our check in, we proceeded to again ask for a window seat luckily my kids were young then so I think that helped with securing a window seat. The visuals that this restaurant provides are just as good if not better than the food. We had a photo guide to help us determining the different types of fish inside the tank. One of the highlights was when there was a diver inside feeding the different types of fish. In conclusion we enjoyed that and our other visits here and when we are in the mood for seafood while at EPCOT this is where we go to dine, but as our kids have grown up and their palate expanded we have sought out to eat at some of the countries as well.