This has been a long evolution into what is now known as Disney Springs.

I recall when it was just a small shopping area, which eventually grew added one or two sit down places to dine.

We really enjoyed when they added Pleasure Island. That was an area that was closed off at night and allowed only adults to enter.

It was set up almost like it was New Years every night including fireworks. The Island was filled with different style places such as bars, areas for dancing and even an improv comedy club as well as several dining areas.

During the day that area eventually added more shopping and eateries, Then eventually they closed the Pleasure Island and just left it open for all and closed many of the places that were open in the evening only. That was the continuation and  evolution which became Disney West Side.

At that point there were The neighborhoods are named Town Center, The Landing, West Side, and Marketplace

Since then Disney has revamped and updated the area and renamed it Disney Springs.

Overall this is a great place to spend time. You have everything you would want the only thing at night this can and does get very, very crowded. We usually will try and go late afternoon and try to get out before the crowds start to come in. I have found the best days to go are when we do a Water Park.