Disney’s Boardwalk is one of the areas that comes to life late afternoons and especially more so after dark. It is a location that offers dining shopping and entertainment of all sorts.


It is approximately ¼ mile long yet it is filled with everything you need for a fun filled evening without the overcrowding the you get at Disney Springs.


An example of some of the things are Wyland Gallery, Dueling Pianos and even a brewery.


When we come to this location it is the perfect relaxed ending to usually a full day of activities.


The only thing that can be counted as a plus and a minus depends on how you view it. Parking is at a premium here which is also what helps to keep the crowds away. If your staying at a hotel in walking distance to here this is ideal which is why another reason we enjoy staying at the Dolphin so much, easy access to take a nice short stroll over to here.


Either way even if your not staying at a Hotel in the Boardwalk vicinity this is a must stop for anyone visiting or staying at the parks.  It is either a short walk or boat ride from either EPCOT or Disney Hollywood Studios.