I remember when we first visited this property. This was the second property that we ever stayed onsite. This was the one that forever clinched the fact that when visiting we will only stay onsite. I think the thing that hooked us the way it was broken up into different areas with themes to match it.


When the kids were smaller the pluses were though it is a large property it really has, a smaller property feel. With lots of landscaping, playgrounds don’t seem to never be too far away. Spacious rooms never hurt no matter what the age of the kids.


The negatives I find with this is the same as the Coronado Springs the size of the property work for it and at times against it with so many bus stops on site it makes the commute to and from the parks lengthy at times. So, if you have a car then this is a really great property to consider, that’s when the price and location of this works really well.