This is an above average hotel for Disney property. For us we liked this hotel when we didn’t have the kids with us. It is definitely geared towards the adult especially considering they hold many conferences here. Though they have a nice pool area your kids won’t find many other kids to interact with here. I will say though that we as a family do love the pool area, its slides and the shear size of the pool are without of the pluses with this property


One of the things that I found here is because of the size of the property the bus takes a long time to circle and hit all the stops so this eats into your time. So, when I do decide to stay here I try to get a rental car this way I just drive myself to the parks, parking at the parks is free if staying on property.


Thankfully this hotel is slated to have an improvement. As of now I’m not sure what all the improvements will be but when it’s over I will be staying there to compare the changes.