Though I didn’t get engaged at Disney World, I have spoken to numerous people who have. If you are a Disney fanatic what better place to get engaged.


Of course, Disney offers so many options some of which you can call a Disney Specialist at (321) 939-4610.  Or you can simply choose your own experience I will explore both options.


Of course, the number one place most men seek to pop the big question is Cinderella’s castle. This package is customizable and prices vary but start at $150 and up to at least $300 or more. There are also many other dining venues to get engaged the second most popular is Victoria & Albert’s. Of these two it depends on what you’re looking for at Cinderella’s Castle it is tough to beat the atmosphere of it. As for Victoria & Albert’s this has a different kind of atmosphere and it is one of the best if not the best place for a meal inside the Magic Kingdom. Of these two great yet different locations, I am asked many times which is best and I never know which one both are great it is just which you are looking for.


Now of course you can do everything on your own and not use a Disney package for your event. Anyone can go in front of the castle to get engaged and have one of the parks many photographers capture your special moment. You can also just make dining reservations for place of your choice and just pop the question without all the other extras as well and just afterwards hope someone will be willing to capture it for you as well.


In closing those are just some of the many options for your special day. Either choice you can’t be wrong.