This year was the first year we did this. It wasn’t easy to get reservations as we kept trying last year with no luck. So we were very determined to get it this year. This is not cheap and if you like chocolate you will without a doubt get your fix. You do still have to get there early to get seating by the edge for viewing for the fireworks show. The seating is very tight and tables are very close together so it can get tight. It is a relaxing way to see the show and the location is tops. As for after the show with the new exit area open up behind the stores this makes leaving the park very easy. Overall though we did enjoy the dessert and seating i’m not sure I would pay the price for this next time, the first year it was reasonable which explains why it was very difficult to get but it has doubled or close to it since then. This year they have added a second location which shows the popularity of this event though it would be nice to see some lowering  of the price but I doubt it.