As you make your way around the world each of these have a representation of the holidays in their countries. These stories vary some are very funny some more on the serious side. All of them will be worth the time to see them.

Thankfully the times are staggered so that you will have the opportunity to see and experience all of them at a comfortable pace.

Here is an overview of what you can look forward to experiencing during this festival:
  • Mexico – Fiesta de Navidad – a mariachi band and dancers share the joy of the holidays
  • Norway – Sigrid tells funny tales about the mischievous Christmas Gnome named Julenissen
  • China – shows a video of the Lion Dance
  • Germany – Helga tells the tale of the first Nutcracker
  • Italy – La Benafa talks about how Italy celebrates the Epiphany
  • The American Adventure- Santa and Mrs. Claus, Hannukah, or Kwanzaa are presented in Santa’s Village
  • Morocco – a video shares the story of Ramadan
  • Japan – Daruma (doll seller) talks of celebrating the New Year
  • France – Pere Noel reads a letter from a little girl about the Magic of Christmas
  • United Kingdom – Father Christmas talks about the traditions in the U. K. and many in America
  • Canada – explore the seasonal customs of the Great White Notrh with the Canadian Holiday Voyageurs