This is one of a kind experience that you will be hard to find in any other amusement park. I can recall when we first heard about this construction of Animal Kingdom and the initial plans for Kilimanjaro Safaris. We knew that Disney would truly go out of their way to make sure that this would be a great experience. One of the first thing that comes to my mind is how the animals are divided up without seeing the borders that are there. The story line behind this experience is poaching which is a great message as well and well played out all the while showing you around this animal park. My recommendations for this is to either try to go as early as possible or as late as possible this way to ensure seeing the animals as active as possible.  To secure that I would highly suggest you get a FastPass for this because the lines will build up very quickly for this and even during the quieter months I have seen the lines of an hour or more for most of the day.