Saving money in any of the parks is never easy. Though it is not impossible. Some of the ways are easy and often overlooked others require some discipline. Either way in the end it will help you stretch those hard-earned dollars and helps you possibly afford that extra day or two, maybe even get those extra souvenirs for you or the kids. Most if not these can be used in all the parks not only the Magic Kingdom.

The easiest way to save money is just bring a water bottle, after all water is free in the park at either the many water fountains or and stand selling water. P.S. the will give you all the ice you want at no charge at all.

Next way to save money is to bring in some protein bars or even some fruit. These items will help avoid having to buy some overpriced snacks while in the park.

Water bottles and snacks are permitted to be brought into the parks.

Most of the time we will always try for a very late lunch rather than late or early dinners. The simplest reason for this is lunches are cheaper in most if not all the sit-down locations rather than dinner. While portions are usually very similar also it is usually easier to get reservations for those times.

one of the best snacks or some would consider it a meal is the infamous Turkey leg. A family can snack on a whole Turkey leg and sit back and make some funny memories in the process.

Lastly have you or your kids write down which souvenirs they want and don’t buy anything first day in the parks. Save all purchases for the end of your trip also look in the outside the parks tips on another cost savings to buying souvenirs.