One of the ways I tell people to explore when getting ready to book a Disney vacation is to look at David’s Vacation Club Rentals


I have used their services many times before.  Every time I have found them helpful and never had a hiccup with the bookings or follow up questions. This is true with any of the people I have referred to them as well.


The process is best when you book as far in advance as possible, this will ensure that you have the best chance of getting you first choice. The first step is to look at cost calculator this gives you the best window of looking at the various resorts and costs associated with each. Next step is to request availability with your choice, you can this step online, chat or via phone.


What I have found with booking a room this way is usually you will get a better level of rooms for the same or less than a lower level resorts. The first question and most popular is will I still get the advantages of booking a resort directly thru Disney, Examples extra magic hours, package delivery, early dining booking and lastly FastPass bookings and the answer to all the above is YES.


Once you get the room I would then look around for park tickets, you always have the option of buying directly thru Disney or the other options I recommend you can look at my article on Saving on Park Tickets.