This was the first time we went on this since they updated it two years ago.

We thoroughly enjoyed this update and went numerous times during our visit.

This is definitely an attraction you should try to get a FastPass for.

The first time that we rode this was in Disneyland California. Then when it opened at Epcot we made a quick dash to go right on that because we did enjoy it that much when we were in California. Needless to say we are anxiously awaiting for the new updated version to come out this month. It is truly a unique experience. It appears as though the wind is blowing through your hair. I have to say when I went this year and the ride was closed I was disappointed, but I am also excited about the new one opening up. This has been one of the top rides that I look forward to when I go to Epcot and I suspect when the new one comes out it will still stay at the top. This is a ride that you must obtain a FastPass. This means you can enjoy it at least twice during your visit to Epcot if not more.