this attraction has since been closed.


Me personally am sorry to see this attraction close.



This Attraction since mid as will now become a seasonal attraction. Just keep in mind that nothing has changed and remember that if you or your children scare easily this will still be one to think about before entering.


I remember when this was Alien Encounter and doing it for the first time not knowing what to anticipate. We simply loved it and thought it was completely out of character for Disney World. We did this attraction every time and sometimes twice while visiting the Magic Kingdom. When they switched it to Stitch’s Great Escape they toned it down a bit. It’s still good, but nothing compared to the original, but I understand they got a great deal of negative feedback from the original, so they had to tone it down and make it more family friendly. The reason it was toned down was many complaints that it was too scary especially for younger children. That being said I would still highly recommend doing this attraction. Most times being this holds many guests I would bypass the FastPass on this and would maybe get it if I was on my fourth or fifth FastPass for the day as many families with smaller children seem to pass up on this one.