This is a ride that never lets you down, no pun intended. Based on the TV show The Twilight Zone, this ride is a scary, yet fun experience. The line itself is the start of the ride. While waiting, you are able to experience the heart of the hotel. There is creepy music to set the tone of the ride. The décor and staff are all dressed the part to really place you in the era of the Hollywood Hotel’s glamour. Also, you are given the backstory of the people who once stayed at the hotel in the past. Then you are ready to ride. There are 3 elevators to drop you to your doom. After the elevator car is boarded, you are brought to the very top of the ride. This is where you get the best view of the park for just a split second as the doors to the elevator open to the outside. Finally, the best part, the drop of doom; plummeting 13 stories. This ride is exhilarating, fun and fast. Kids and adults of all ages are there to experience the Twilight zone. Lines aren’t as long as they once were, but as I said the line itself is an experience. Enjoy.