I still remember the first time we went to Typhoon Lagoon. We had so much fun that time and have continued to have just as much fun with the kids especially as they were growing and exploring this is and was so memorable.


Every time we go I still get very excited when the whistle blows from the boat sounding the wave pool is about to begin.  Seeing everyone go cray little kids heading to “shore” and the bigger kids heading in the opposite direction. It has to be one of the best sites in all of the Disney water parks.


Though it’s not as new as Blizzard Beach it is just as good if not better but always hard to beat a Tidal Wave Pool.


In conclusion, it will not be an easy decision if you only have time to visit one Water Park. You can’t go wrong with either Park. My recommendation is if you are staying for more than 5 days that you can do one maybe two, but if you are staying 6 or more than you can do each with an early start and still hit any other Park for the second half of your day.